Agent Awesome

Agent Awesome

  • Released:
  • Genres:Strategy
  • Steam price : 1.99€
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Developers:
  • Publisher: KISS ltd


  • ОС: Windows XP 32 Bit
  • Процесор: 2.4 GHz
  • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
  • Відеокарта: 256 MB
  • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця

Agent Awesome - download

In Agent Awesome, you will embody the agent A. You will have to use all the tactical skills you own to clean the twelve levels of your company: Engineering Vicious Ideas Labs (E.V.I.L). Obviously, that is because you lost a bet you made while you were totally plastered. 


Feel free to use the infiltration mode to go softly, or roughly and slaughter everybody on your way. 


In that game, every effort is made to make you smile, like fighting koalas. 

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